Under Construction

Hey hey everyone!!!!!!

As you can probably tell I’ve got a lot going on with JavaMel’s Place. I’m completely rebranding for a more fun and colorful experience. I have a lot of updating to do to the site so please bear with me while I make changes and additions.

Some things that are changing:

  • New look, logo & tagline
  • New categories
  • New shopping links
  • Youtube channel added – I don’t have any videos up yet but they’re coming
  • Pinterest link added – no pins but they are coming
  • Instagram link added – it only has a few food posts but it will be updated soon as well

What is coming up soon?

  • VIDEOS – I am working on making some videos. I am not the best videographer or video subject so please excuse the amateur style of what is posted. LOL. Videos will include some cooking, some faith, mostly crafting, and a little family and lifestyle.
  • Stamping How-To posts
  • Bible Journaling posts
  • Bible Devotions posts
  • KETO – yes, I have started back on KETO and will be sharing my weight loss journey here with you all
  • CHICKENS & FURBABIES & FAMILY – on my family page there will be posts about our chickens (yes, I’ve become the crazy chicken lady LOL), our fur babies (we have lots) and family in general.
  • My Lifestyle page will have many different posts about organizing, getting organized, using planners, and it will take you through my crazy life of getting organized with my businesses and hobbies. It’s crazy around here.
  • And you just never know what else may appear here. I’m also open to suggestions and requests.

So keep watching……follow me on social media (click the icons in the upper right or lower left corners to follow me).

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